Sukces w startupie technologicznym według Hiten’a – strona autora

The product success words to live by:

  • Customers – These people talked in specifics about their customers. It was one of the words they used most frequently. They didn’t waste time talking about the technology that was powering their product or how their product worked. Instead, these people would talk about customer needs and exactly how their product was solving them.
  • Experiments – They loved to experiment in order to learn, and always embraced failure because everything was considered an experiment. This experiment mindset meant that when things didn’t work out, they weren’t upset. Instead, they would find a new way to accomplish their goals.
  • Milestones – Using milestones as a keyword enabled people to clearly articulate their priorities. It showed that they knew what the next goal in their business was and that they were thinking sequentially. They weren’t guessing about what to do, they had thoughtful reasoning for what they were doing right now and why it was important.
  • Learnings – They would use the word learnings often and it showed that they were focused on doing research and always looking to improve. They were more likely to have an an open mind and run lots of experiments as well.
  • We – We, not I. When they spoke about their teams or even things they had done, they used the word “we.” People who used the word “we” were taking responsibility for everything that happened at the company, and gave credit to their team.

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